Nature connection supports us to foster an intimate and personal relationship with nature, ourselves and one another. Every person's experience is unique, but in case you are wondering how our past participants feel, here are some feedback we have received! 

Amanda guided us on an ‘UrbaNature Walk’ throughout the beautiful Hong Kong Botanical Gardens and Zoological Park in the heart of Hong Kong’s city centre. You may not be thinking it’s the most tranqil place but Amanda skilfully guided us to tune into our senses, become present and connect with how we were feeling amongst Mother Nature in an urban setting.

It was so refreshing to be able to disconnect from the outside world, my phone and the fast-paced rhythm of the city. After the forest bathing experience, I literally felt my heart rate slow down and any feelings of anxiety wash away.

I’m looking forward to doing more forest bathing and even just relish the pockets of nature in my own neighbourhood! If you’re in Hong Kong you should definitely look into Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong’s offerings.
— Ainslie Young - Founder of Starting with A
I learned about the importance of finding a quiet space in my life, and being in nature really helped a lot.
Very enjoyable, a thoroughly new experience. I was able to pay more attention to detail, and appreciated in a deeper way the magnificence of nature.
Slowing down, I became aware of my own inner voice and feelings, and how I could connect with nature.
A great experience that went beyond my expectations. My senses expanded immensely. To anyone who has not experienced this yet, it’s a must. You won’t regret it!
It was an entirely novel experience. Amanda is a wonderful guide and her walks are very well-organised, and I found the group sharing during the walk warm and touching.
I became more aware of the peacefulness of nature, which helped me relieve my burdens, whether physical or mental.
It was a really beneficial and exploratory experience. I felt spaciousness in my body and mind, and more connected overall. I felt more calm, relaxed and grounded. I enjoyed going inwards, and I’m grateful for the experience.
This is a gift you should give yourself. Go in with an open mind and heart, and you will find what you’re looking for.
I feel I have slowed down in a way that is meaningful for me.
Nourishing to the soul, calming and enjoyable.
Very enjoyable and insightful. A good opportunity to take time out of busy life to pause and reflect. I was able to reflect on what’s really important in life. Go with an open heart and see what you expereince.
Enlightening. My body feels good, relaxed and calm.