Shinrin Yoku & healthy Planet

“We need to understand that nature is not just ‘out there’; we are nature too. Therefore, we need to understand that what we do to nature we do to ourselves. If we harm nature, we harm ourselves. We are all related; we live in an interdependent world.”
– Satish Kumar

  • We believe that Shinrin Yoku is not only good for our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the entire planet Earth. Our world is in such a dire state because of the “illusion of separation” – the ideas and the actions rooted in the belief that we and nature are separate. That we live in this “human world” and there’s a “natural world” out there.

  • Human beings have lived in nature for millennia. Only in recent centuries have we migrataed en masse to urbanized cities and started to suffer from all kinds of chronic health conditions.

Many of us have forgotten that we are part of nature too.

We are nature.

  • Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong believes that unless we love something, we won’t care enough to protect it. And love stems from a personal, intimate connection. A key part of our mission is to help busy urbanites to rebuild that deep connection that will be the foundation of a healthy planet - our home.